CU Online celebrates at fall block party

Posted by Lainie Hoffman on Sep 4, 2018 10:40:42 AM

Block party crystal-186705-editedDid you get out to the CU Denver Block Party? It was a fun day of high-energy hijinks (and a bit of wind).

If you weren’t able to join in the festivities, here’s a little overview of what we did…

This year, we decked out the CU Online areas with lots of fun swag, a ping pong ball powered polling station, and icy treats to help beat the heat.

Our informal poll asked participants to tell us why they aren’t taking online classes. The poll was a perfect way to start conversations with students and set the stage for a low-stakes environment to discuss their barriers to online learning. 

Block party pollWe were pleased to see that option 5, “I am, and they rock!” was, by far, the top response. The tubes had to be emptied and started anew several times because #5 was starting to overflow.

Our next highest responses went to, “Courses I need aren’t available online” and “Online classes aren’t as good.” We had the opportunity to do a bit of anecdotal follow-up by asking students to tell us more about their experiences and perceptions in these areas.

By the time the block party was wrapping up, we were a little heat-dazed and all out of popsicles, but we had a great time. Hopefully you did too.

And, if you didn't make it to CU Denver's Block Party this year, make sure to mark it down on your calendar for 2019 - it's a lot of fun!

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