Faculty and staff research participants needed for AUL study

Posted by Kevin Darcy on Oct 9, 2018 7:40:48 AM

The Accessibility and Usability Lab (AUL) at CU Boulder is conducting a research project that investigates how low vision and blind students experience the digital, academic, social, and physical environments at the University of Colorado.Top-down view of people working and talking at round table.

Phase 1 of the research, led by Kevin Darcy, a low-vision doctoral student, focused specifically on CU Boulder and revealed that accessibility is a social justice issue because individual experiences are “internalized” by and shape the well-being of students. By acknowledging that faculty interactions don’t end in the classroom and issues of digital accessibility are not always addressed through objective checklists, the research begins to show that faculty and staff can make space to consider how their roles impact low vision and blind students.

In Phase 2 of the project, the research team seeks to understand how university policy around the ADA and accessibility are put into practice by both faculty and staff and hopes to speak with as many faculty and staff across the CU system as possible, including those who have not yet interacted with low vision or blind students. Low vision and blind students are especially encouraged to contact the team if they would like to participate in the research, which is intended to help meet the diversity and inclusion goals of the university.

If you are interested in participating in a short interview and supporting this important research, please send an email to Kevin Darcy at kevin.darcy@colorado.edu.

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