10 Fun and FREE Music Apps That Will Help You Hone in on College Success

Posted by Jennifer Verta on Apr 27, 2016 12:58:41 PM


Philosopher Plato once said: "Music is moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."

It is no secret the enlightening, mood changing, and even life saving qualities that music possesses.

A very interesting article from The Washington Post backs this statement up fully. The article states that after having completed studies on 21 participants, results demonstrated that: "When listening to a preferred genre or a favorite song, the participants had greater connectivity between regions of the brain called the default mode network (DMN). The DMN is associated with that switch we can flip between inner and outer thought. When the DMN is active, you're not focused on what's happening in the physical world around you — you're using internal stimuli, like memories and your imagination."

Music has the power to inspire you to keep on running in that marathon, cry a little harder in that sappy film, focus more on that homework, or to feel happy and nostalgic after a difficult day.

We all know and love the fact that music has the power to change our lives and catapult our college success!

And I, my wonderful little music notes, am here to help you make sure that music is always at your fingertips, in the most convenient way possible. Having the right stuff playing in the background could make or break any study or work session. 


1.) Audiomack 

audiomackThis app is great because it is a streaming music hub for artists as well as fans, and allows you to seamlessly share your music to tons of others.

It's a big help to upcoming artists in getting their tunes out there, and fans can in turn easily download the music for free and listen to it whenever necessary!

 (Download compatible with: Apple and Android)







2.) Qello Concerts

qello There are times when just listening to the music is not enough to quench our souls.

When this happens, Qello Concerts lets you see the music in action!

This app presents users with the chance to dive into full-length concerts and enthralling documentaries on beloved artists such as Pink Floyd and Nirvana among countless others.

On top of that, Qello Concerts just released its very own original program a couple of weeks ago! The program is called: Evolution of a Song, and it offers an all access perspective on the winding route a song takes from idea to recording to release.

Best part about Qello Concerts is that is compatible with an assortment of electronic devices. The bigger the device, the more of the crisp concert you can see!

( Download compatible with: iPhone and Android and many other electronic devices.)




3.) Pandora

pandora_to_mp3.jpg This is a more popular app. Pandora allows you to enter an artist or a group of artists, and thus creates a playlist based on that artist and genre.

You have a thumbs up and down feature to weed out the songs you don't like, while putting the ones you do enjoy on the forefront.

This app can be especially great for those who enjoy stand up comedy because you can enter your favorite comedians name and Pandora will spew out other acts comparable to the one you selected. (Compatible with: iPhone and Android)



4.) Soundcloud

Soundcloud This app houses a sharing music community filled with artists and fans alike.

Users are able to upload, record, promote and share their originally created sounds.

Not only will you find all of the music you already know and love, it is a great place for you to find user created remixes of your favorite songs as well as royalty free music that can be put in videos. (Compatible with: iPhone and Android)



5.) Google Play Music

Google-Play-Music.jpg Google Play Music grants you complete access to your cloud-based music collection at any time, and any place.

The app is lined with handpicked playlists and custom radio stations, it even gives you reccomendations based on past music that you have chosen and your individual style. 

(Compatible with: iPhone and Android)




6.) Apple Music

Apple-music This musical app is Apples first music streaming service.

It has a masssive musical library chock full of videos and more that it grants users who are busy and on the go, or just wanting to jam out.

It also include a ton of user created playlists and radio stations that users can listen to at the drop of a hat. (Compatible with: iPhone and Android)




7.) 8 Tracks

8-tracks Here you can listen for free to millions of different playlists, all lovingly handcrafted from users all around the world who know and love music.

You can pick from the top playlists, artists, genre, and my personal favorite: activity!

So if you type "study" into the search bar you will find tons of playlists that people created for this specific purpose! How cool is that?Never have to worry about what to listen to for your study sessions or work out sessions as tons of other users have already done that for you! (Compatible with: iPhone and Android)




8.) Shazam

Shazam_App.png This one is one of my personal favorites! Ever hear that song come on the radio and you are dying to know what it is called but no one around you seems to have a clue?

Well this app can tell you just that. All you have to do is open the app and it starts "listening" immediately. It will tell you the name of your song within seconds! You will have the ability to look up and listen to this song as well as any others, it is definitely a life saver!

I have successfully shazammed songs in bars, cars, restaurants, concerts and many other public places. Just make sure to be as close to the sound with the least amount of other sound interruptions as possible. (Compatible with: iPhone and Android)




9.) Datpiff:

datpiff.jpg All you hip hop lovers out there will love this one. Here is a free music app which grants users a wide array of hip hop mix tapes that you can listen to at your own convenience!

Not only can you choose from a ton of mixtapes, artists and singles, you can also read up on your favorite people as there is a cool news feed with up-to date info on what's happening with the music you love, and buy cool merchandise to support your favorite creative peoples. (Compatible with: iPhone and Android)




10.) TuneIn Radio

TuneIn-Radio-android-app.jpg Here you can listen to online radio, find streaming music radio and streaming talk radio!

This is your own personal guide to any and every type of radio out there for your listening pleasures.

There are over 100,000 real radio stations and four million on-demand programs and podcasts available at your fingertips from around the globe. (Compatible with: iPhone and Android)



 Music Rocks. (no pun intended)

There you have it my friends. I have handpicked some wonderful music apps that you can use at your convenience and for free! This will help you succeed when focusing on those daunting school assignments, work projects, or just whenever you want to jam out.

I had found so many cool music apps when making this post that I just had to make another one! So if you wanna scope out more apps, take a look at 10 MORE Fun and free music apps to help you out with your college woes!

So do ya got any music apps worth sharing? Post them in the comments below! You can also request more information about college success with CU Online!

Music apps


One more thing about College Success...

Like music, online courses are varied and different. So if you've ever wondered about taking an online course, take this free quiz to learn if you would succeed with online courses. 

And if you want to read about more ways to hone in on college success, check out my previous post: "The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to College Success". It's a good one, if I do say so myself!

Until next time my wonderful music notes,

-Jen OUT-




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