5 Ways to Reduce Stress in College

Posted by Joann Doan on Dec 4, 2017 12:11:10 PM


Ever feel like you're running on overdrive? No matter how much you're trying to get yourself together everything seems to just not work out the way you want it to be. That feeling of stress hits you hard doesn't it?  

Well...the human brain is very complex. We overestimate the negative things and underestimate the positive things. At the same time, the human brain is very simple. There are things that we can do that will help control the stress caused by our brain's overreaction. Here I will give you my top 5 ways to reduce stress.  

Here I will give you my top 5 ways to reduce stress.  


1. Eat Well

Sounds simple enough right? However, many of us either don't eat enough or binge on unhealthy food – I was guilty of this. When you don't feed your body, you aren't feeding your brain. You won't have that energy to power through your day and you'll find that you'll be easily irritated over the littlest things. Maybe you don't have this problem. You are eating...but not very healthy. You take your stress out on those chocolate bars and baked goods, because you "deserve it". That may make you feel good momentarily, but if you eat too much you may have a sugar crash. The effects of it is not worth it...I'll make you feel sluggish and lazy. Suddenly taking a nap sounds like a better idea than finishing that last paragraph of your paper.  



2. Sleep

I just told you that napping instead of finishing the last paragraph of your paper is not a good idea right? Well why am I telling you sleep is important now? Napping due to a sugar crash is different from a power nap or sleeping to recharge your brain. I've seen so many students study until 4am or pull all nighters to finish their assignments or to cram for the day's exam. I just never understood. Your brain can only take so much and enough sleep is essential to focus on what you are studying. When you are sleep deprived you'll find that you'll have trouble focusing and that will stress you out.  



3. Exercise 

Not only is exercise great for your health, but exercise can help reduce stress. When you exercise your body produces endorphins, which is a chemical that reduces pain and increases pleasure. Exercise will also help you sleep too! The campus gym membership is normally included in many college/university tuition. Take advantage of it and take those classes that the campus offers or utilize the gym - you paid for it! 


4. Breathe/Meditate

With so much going on, some times we just need to take a step back and just breath. Take deep breaths and practice mindful breathing exercise. Meditation and mindful breathing has been proven to decrease stress and increase well being. There are many meditation and breathing exercises available online. It takes only a couple minutes a day and it will help your stress tremendously



5. Treat Yourself

School comes first, but please do not forget to take care of yourself. Treat yourself, by allowing your self to go out and spend time with friends. Locking yourself up in your room until the semester ends will just increase your stress and make you depressed. Reward yourself for your hard work, that way you will look forward to your next reward. It's all about balance.  

Well, those are my 5 ways to reduce stress in college. Want to learn more about how to do well in college and take care of yourself read more from our FREE ebook How to Succeed in College

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