8 Ways BACJ Prepares You for a Career in the Criminal Justice System

Posted by CU Online on Oct 26, 2018 2:01:26 PM

 A criminal justice degree can be your ticket to a wide array of career opportunities. Whether you’re interested in politics, advocacy, law enforcement, or even law, and regardless of whether you’re interested in the government or private sector, CU Online can help you get there.


  • Broad range of courses

CU Online offers a broad range of courses to help you gain a strong understanding of the criminal justice system and the skills to actually enforce laws and policies on every level. Upon completing the program, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, effective critical thinking skills, an understanding of how the criminal justice system affects policies, and have the skills to interview, analyze, research, and work a case from the ground level. Through courses such as Statistics for Criminal Justice, Corrections, Courts and Judicial Process, and Crime Theory and Causes, you will gain a breadth of knowledge that will help prepare you for a career in any facet of the criminal justice system.


  • Flexible schedule
    One of the biggest benefits of earning an online degree is the ability to build your own schedule. You won’t be forced to choose between two classes that are held at the same time. You won’t have to fit your working life around your school life, or vice versa. Only have time to study at night when the kids are asleep? No problem! Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to decide how many credit hours per semester work for you. Stack your credit hours and finish in four years or take fewer credits per semester and take a little more time to earn your degree. Unlike an on-campus degree program, an online program works around your schedule. You don’t have to center your life around school, instead school can supplement your life and can be done at your pace and in a way that makes sense for you.

  • Variety of options
    In addition to flexibility of schedule, the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (BACJ) program is flexible in terms of what you study each semester. Of course there are core courses that all BACJ students must complete, but outside of those, the program provides you with a lot of options. Are you interested in crimes related to drugs and alcohol? Or maybe you’d like to learn more about juvenile crime? How does an entire class on gangs and criminal organizations sound? Regardless of what area of criminal justice or the law you are interested in, we have classes that will help you learn more about each and every one. And you’re not tethered to “specializing” in one area or another. You can build your schedule with the things you are most interested in even if they don’t necessarily fit together in a logical sense.

  • Dual Bachelor’s/Master’s program
    Many students start out their Bachelor’s degree program with the understanding that they will be seeking graduate level education once they’ve completed their Bachelor’s. It can be frustrating and stressful knowing that you’ll have to carve out time and finances for more schooling. Other students don’t necessarily know whether they will be pursuing additional education after their BACJ degree or not.

CU Online is one of the few degree programs in the country offering a dual Bachelor’s/Master’s program in criminal justice. We allow you to take up to 15 credit hours at the graduate level while you are pursuing your undergraduate degree. This means that you can complete those 15 credit hours at our undergraduate tuition rate and apply them towards a Master’s degree program upon graduation. And while it’s not required that you have a Master’s level degree to get a job in criminal justice, knowing that you have the option to pursue additional education and use some credits from your Bachelor’s level studies is a huge benefit.

  • Financial assistance
    College is expensive. There is no doubt about that. And while pursuing an online education can help cut the cost, making ends meet can still be difficult financially. CU Online believes that all students should have access to a quality education, regardless of financial situation. As a CU Online student, you have access to the same financial aid office as our on-campus students. This office can help you determine what the most effective financial aid is for your situation and can even help you explore some of the thousands of dollars of scholarships available to every CU student.

  • Career opportunities
    The BACJ program is a liberal arts undergraduate degree that acts like a professional degree. In addition to theoretical knowledge, this program was designed to help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills that you can take from the classroom into the real world. We aren’t focused on merely teaching you the ideas behind a career in criminal justice, we want to give you the skills to actually succeed at the career level.

    Additionally, as a CU Online student, you will have access to the same career resources as an on-campus student. The CU Denver Career Center offers a variety of resources that will help you write your resume and cover letter, learn how to interview, find a job, or even start a research project. The

  • Internship requirements
    80% of new college graduates will have completed one or more internships. Internships are priceless opportunities to gain hands-on experience in real-life scenarios and jobs that you might be interested in pursuing upon graduation. And while the BACJ program does require that you complete at least a one semester internship, many students find that they would like to either extend their internship or do another one entirely. An internship will help supplement the knowledge and skills you’ve learned and provide you with an additional bit of experience to put on your resume.

  • Faculty support

One of the most common concerns with online programs is whether the faculty teaching those programs is as dedicated and experienced as the on-campus faculty. We have great news for you! CU Online classes are taught by the same experienced and qualified faculty as our on-campus students.

Ready to begin your journey in criminal justice? It all starts with the Bachelor’s of Arts in Criminal Justice Program.

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