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Posted by Jennifer Verta on Nov 22, 2016 2:13:27 PM

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It is approaching finals for students all around the country and most of them just want to get through unscathed! Many here at our very own CU Denver are also continuing to buckle down and work hard to crank out those upcoming projects and papers.

Along with getting a break from the hustle and bustle of college life, it is always fun to take a stroll downtown and get more familiar with the city. There is always something interesting to see, including the CU Denver Business Building, CU Building and Lawrence Street Center where you can talk to the Office of International affairs among others!

The city of Denver is also a creative one, just by strolling around downtown you will have access to tons more artwork, and I found a cool link on the Denver Art Museum website that provides everyone with additional information about more artsy goodies available to view throughout the heart of Denver, so that when CU students, or anyone for that matter go downtown, they may make their very own itinerary.

So what is a student to do when the brain is crammed, the budget is low, and it is time for a much needed break...?

Go on a walk to see some art,

and start at the Denver Art Museum!

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There are breathtaking exhibits that the museum houses on 12 different floors, 4 in the Hamilton building and 7 in the north building! You can wander in between both buildings as you want, taking your time and getting lost for hours within its many halls, each floor representing a specific theme designed to enchant at every turn.

Besides the usual exhibits that you can see most days, the museum is taking things a bit further with a whole new turn of displays. The Denver Art Museum (DAM) will be enabling visitors to take a step into a galaxy far, far away...behind the scenes, with a look at the iconic Star Wars character's costumes!

The event is going to be called: Star Wars and the Power of Costume.

"What we really want to show here is not only the costumes that encapsulate the Star Wars universe but also allow visitors to get really up close to see the incredible and exquisite detail," said the Smithsonian Institution Exhibitions project director in an interview.

There will be over 70 original costumes from all seven Star Wars films on display. Not only that, the displays aren't going to be focused on the chronological order of the films usually used to reference Star Wars. Instead, they will be based more on the creativity of the process, in tune with the vision of George Lucas, creator of the series. This will be a whole new side to the series that most people have not witnessed before.

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With all of the character's fans know and love, this exhibit will definitely be one to remember, bringing groups from all around to one place to share. Some of the legendary character's include: Darth Vader, Chewbacca and R2D2 among others!

When a ticket is purchased it comes with an auditory inclusion so that guests may listen and learn about the painstaking process it takes to create these masterpieces that live and die on screen. Visitors may also be able to watch behind-the-scenes- testimonials from artists, designers and actors.

Are there any teachers out there? Its field trip time! Educators can also take their students to see the exhibition, with them paying only pay 5 dollars per ticket when involved in the field trip scenario. Teachers, faculty or groups of ten or more may also get information by emailing groupsales@denvertmuseum.org.

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 The DAM will be hosting this event for the first time ever on November 13th 2016, and the event will be going on through April 2, 2017. 

“The creative process behind crafting the world of Star Wars is part of a pop culture phenomenon that we are thrilled to bring to the Rocky Mountain region," said Christoph Heinrich, Frederick and Jan Mayer Director of the DAM. "A vivid exhibition display and behind the scenes look will delight creatives designers and die-hard fans alike."
This may be a first for the DAM, but this event has taken place in a couple of other cities already! This exhibit is a traveling one, and has already made a stop at Discovery Times Square in New York City and EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington.
Not only will visitors be able to view the beautifully crafted costumes that made the movies, they will be able to view them through thematic exhibition, including Jedi vs. Smith and the Galactic senate scenes. Better get those lightsabers out!
"So many of us have warm memories and a fascination associated with the Star Wars films, and it's really the characters that maintain this long standing connection," said Stefania Van Dyke, interpretive specialist at the DAM. "Characters like Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker have become inseparably associated with their costumes, and our unique presentation will give a look at the inspiration and nuanced creative processes of designers and artisans." 
Whether you have been a fan for years, became fan recently or never even heard of Star Wars, this event is one that should not be missed. Interested guests will have the option to purchase a fifteen-minute block of time for coming and viewing the exhibit. They will then be welcome to stay and look as long as they like, they do not have to leave after the fifteen-minute time block!
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Star Wars™and the Power of the Costume was developed by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service in partnership with the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art and in consultation with Lucasfilm Ltd. 
Interested in checking it out? You can review ticket prices dates and times here!
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Now what?

CU Denver students will most likely need some letting go and having fun time during this last couple of months of the semester. I know I will! It can help with studies and big projects to just take a step back and decompress. This way when coming back to the drawing board new ideas will have a chance to surface, stronger than before.
Even after school is out, this event will be a good escape from the homestead on winter break. 
There is always something for everyone at the Denver Art Museum, the DAM of course has other interesting exhibits to check out while students are there! Another beautiful set of displays worth mentioning is: Glory of Venice.
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Displays of art in this exhibition will demonstrate how masters during this period changed their ways from traditional techniques and ventured out into the unknown... by experimenting with oil paint to create new dimension, depth and emotion within their work! Visitors do not have to pay extra for this event, it is included in the general admission fee, woohoo for us right? This event will be going on until mid-February, so make sure to set aside some time to catch it. 
Want to read a bit more on helpful tips for college success and after? What about the music to jam out to for the trip downtown? 

Read me again soon!

-Jen OUT-



Have any other tips or suggestions for fun things to do on study break time for students? Either leave a comment below, or request more information about college success with CU Online.

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