Manage Time Wisely (Online Edition)

Posted by Nick U on Jul 17, 2018 9:49:00 AM

Wondering how you are going to stay on top of online courses when you don’t have lectures two times a week?


Taking an online course can be challenging for students who do not know how to manage time wisely. Just because a class is online does not mean you don’t have to work hard and create time in your schedule to complete assignments and study.


Students often sign up for online classes because of the flexibility they offer but too often they think flexibility = less. This is not the case. You can plan to spend 8 hours per week on each 3 credit course just like a typical in person class.


So how are you going to get this done?


  1. You should start by only taking as many classes as you feel you can make time for. If you have a full time job, like to maintain a more than healthy social life, and spend hours per week watching TV and Netflix you may be in for a surprise. You will need to block out time to complete assignments and study for tests and quizzes. If you are not willing to sacrifice certain aspects of your life you may find it difficult and stressful to engage in an online course. However, if you can find 2 hours a day for 4 days of the week you will likely enjoy your online course without too much sacrifice.



  1. Utilize tools that help you actively check and plan out assignments and deadlines.


Integrate Canvas Calendar to Phone Calendar- This is very useful because you can quickly check what assignments are due during the week. It helps you stay on top of assignments and anticipate course load.


Canvas Mobile Application- This can be helpful for viewing lectures, sending messages to teachers, and participating in discussion boards when you are on the go. If you have extra time during your day you will also find it useful to prepare for assignments you will complete later.


Time Management Applications- Consider using applications like Trello to organize your assignments by priority and week. It will help you plan out assignments that take longer and complete ones that can be busted out in short spurts as well.


  1. Review the course syllabus thoroughly at the beginning of the semester. Knowing what is expected in your course is critical to your performance. If you don’t understand what must be completed each week, and where to find the material, you will fall behind and your grade will suffer.


  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to start big assignments. We all know we can get some stuff done in a rush, but sometimes emergencies come up and that can’t happen. If you want to make sure you complete all assignments on time, consider starting early on ones that take more than a couple days to complete. You will thank yourself when you finish early and are able to do something fun instead.


Think you can handle it?!

Are you a time management wizard?


Comment below if you have any questions about online summer courses with CU Online.



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