The Value of a Degree

Posted by Jan Watson on Aug 22, 2017 2:42:00 PM

Statistically, the best value for the money, the best way to see a return on your investment is to obtain a college degree. A college degree can give you a return on your investment of one million dollars! But first, let’s go through a couple of examples that people tend to question.
First: There is the price of owning a car. Most people know that as soon as you drive that car off the lot, your car has declined in value. One would typically pay anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 for a new car. According to, if we keep this car for ten years, the costs associated with that car would be around $80,000, factoring in registration, gas, insurance, taxes, repairs, etc. With the depreciation of a cars value, you are looking at spending a total of $105,000 dollars to keep your car up and running for ten years. Yes, most of us need a car, but we do not see a return on our investment.
Second: There is the price of owning a home. Unlike cars, homes do appreciate; however, if you look at the numbers you may think a little different if you will see a large return on your investment or not. In early 2015, according to the US Census Bureau, the average cost of a new home was $341,000, with the median cost being right around $275,000. The average length of time people stay in their home is 13 years, then they start the process all over again. It is rare to buy a home and stay in that home until it is paid off. Again, a home is something we all might need or want. When you go to sell your home, you may receive a check for $50,000, but that is far from a return on investment of one million dollars!
You read earlier that you can see a return on your investment of one million dollars with a college degree. How can that be? The annual average salary for a person with a Bachelor’s degree is around $47,000. The average salary for a person with a high school diploma is around $27,000. That is roughly a difference of $20,000. If you work for 50 years, that is a one-million-dollar difference ($20,000 x 50=$1,000,000). The numbers make sense that if you obtain that college degree, your return on investment is much larger than a car or even a home. It doesn’t end there. If you need more to convince you, did you know that a research conducted by Pew Research Center in 2012 indicated that those aged 25-32 years saw that almost 4 times as many people who only had a high school diploma were unemployed versus those with a college degree? That same research showed that 21.8% of those with a high school diploma were living in poverty compared to only 5.8% to those who had a college degree.
Looking to the future, it is expected that unemployment will continue to rise, however the demand for college educated workers is not being met. This is good news for those with a college degree and to those seeking to earn their college degree. Additionally, 65% of all the jobs nationwide will require at least a postsecondary education by the year 2020. While we are on the topic of the future, A Pew Research Center in 2013 looked at the likelihood of a full time employee being offered a retirement plan. The study found that with a high school diploma, 36% were offered a retirement plan compared to 61% with a Bachelor’s degree. Health benefits were also looked at in 2011 showing that 55% of high school graduates had access to employee sponsored health plans versus 73% for those with a Bachelor’s degree.     
Research shows that obtaining a college education is a wise investment that continues to pay off over the lifetime of a graduate.
If you are busy with your current schedule but want to get a college education, there is a way. Online courses allow you to earn your degree from anywhere at any time. No driving or missing notable events. Online course from the University of Colorado Denver will not show “online” on your diploma, it is simply your diploma!
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