Manage Time Wisely (Online Edition)

Posted by Nick U on Jul 17, 2018 9:49:00 AM

Wondering how you are going to stay on top of online courses when you don’t have lectures two times a week?

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5 Ways to Connect with Other Online Students

Posted by Nick U on Jul 16, 2018 1:44:00 PM

One aspect I’ve had troubles with as an online student has been meeting classmates and making friends online. Being an online student is a little different in the sense that you aren’t going to class and sitting next to others during lectures, or working on group projects in the library or on campus. But if any of you are wondering what you can do to get a similar experience to being on campus and making friends, consider one of these 5 ways to connect with others as an online student.

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What Do You Want To Be?

Posted by Nick U on Dec 18, 2017 3:25:34 PM

Is there a job or field out there that you know you would love? One of the biggest questions I get as a student is: “What do you want to do after college?” to which I rarely have an answer. However, I will list off all of what I have done and what I plan on doing in the next 6 months. The fact is – I haven’t exactly arrived at what I want to do. Lucky for you, I’ve spent some time working to figure it out which may help you out as well.

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30 College Statistics Every Student Should Check Out

Posted by Jennifer Verta on Aug 6, 2017 7:26:00 PM

Did you know that 23% of undergraduate students put in over 20 hours a week at work, on top of their classes and school work?

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Iconic Series To Be Brought to Life by the Denver Art Museum!

Posted by Jennifer Verta on Nov 22, 2016 2:13:27 PM

It is approaching finals for students all around the country and most of them just want to get through unscathed! Many here at our very own CU Denver are also continuing to buckle down and work hard to crank out those upcoming projects and papers.

Along with getting a break from the hustle and bustle of college life, it is always fun to take a stroll downtown and get more familiar with the city. There is always something interesting to see, including the CU Denver Business Building, CU Building and Lawrence Street Center where you can talk to the Office of International affairs among others!

The city of Denver is also a creative one, just by strolling around downtown you will have access to tons more artwork, and I found a cool link on the Denver Art Museum website that provides everyone with additional information about more artsy goodies available to view throughout the heart of Denver, so that when CU students, or anyone for that matter go downtown, they may make their very own itinerary.

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